Sunday, 26 April 2009

Just A Reminder Of Something Frequently Known

I felt so emo for no reason today and decided I'd take the advantage of the situation instead of abusing my mind like I usually do. So I sat myself down with a pen in my hand and faced Brook open on my table.

Warning: I didn't use any harsh words but they are harsh in a way.

I call it...

Over and Out

It's not the first time that I felt like killing before,
Ripping the life out of that damn ugly whore,
Seeing her struggle bearing the pain,
If only you did that while you were still sane,

Lives are at stake when humanity fails,
I feel it inside every time I set sail,
Look far out to sea over the faded horizon,
What's left of reality is a world open prison,

When heroes are dying to who do we turn?
We are the people of this world we burnt,
Who can we trust when they only talk profits,
Power is their currency I don't have to prove it,

Every second I try to live this wretched life,
Every heartbeat I wonder what to do with this knife,
Every war that threatens to summon apocalypse,
Every soul savagely murdered all in a glimpse,

It's a shame to be breathing in this filthy wind,
I spit out the dust till my lungs are all clean,
A speck of my blood I see on the ground,
The sign that I'll be no longer around,

All things made equal will perish in time,
There will always be a reason to die,
I hand you an apology for all of my crimes,
Don't you dare save me I'll kill you if you try.

Muahaha! That was fun! I think it's pretty straight forward with a few hints here and there. I hope I can find a tune to turn part of it into a song.

Brook: Great, what about the other emo crap you stuffed in me huh? You gonna turn them into songs too? Nobody wants to hear all you emo rants Edd! You think you know emo? I'll show you emo...

Okay...Brook has lost it.

Later days...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dear FaceBook People,

Please read this for your own sake and for the rest of the Muslim community:

How far the truth goes, I'm not that sure.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

MySpace Music

Hey Brook,

I just opened up my own music page at MySpace. Just click the link "Edd's Music" in my link tab.

Later days...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What The FLIP??!!

Okay readers of euphoric_nightmare, today I am going to write to you about a true story based on a real-life event that just took place here, in my friggin Plaza Rah apartment, this morning.

In as little number of words as possible, here I go:

I came back
early today, around 10.30am, because it was 'self-directed learning' which basically means, 'balik bilik tidur' for most people, whatever. I was just excited because I can spend the whole day going through my planned out study plan while surfing for 'Whose Line is it Anyway'. [I'm trailing off the main point]

Anyway, came back, found a large pair of slippers getting caught behind the main door as I opened it and said to myself, "hmm, must be one of the roomie's friend's", as one of my roomies does have a friend that might fit into them. I settled down on my chair in the living room where my other roomie was sitting next to me, at her desk, studying. After a couple of breathers, I went across the tiny hall to my room, reached for the door and found it locked. I was sharing it with 2 others where 1 of them went home for study leave. So as I sat back down to wait for my roomie to open up the door, I chatted away with my studying roomie or housemate.

Later, my roomie whom I actually share a room with, opened up the door and
with a 'tudung' on her head, quickly stopped me from going in the room, "Jap! Ada orang,". Okay, so I sat back down. And then she said, "Jangan tengok tau." Okay? Bells of suspicions ringing, bringing up the dead. I exchanged curious glances with my studying housemate.

If you still can't guess what happened next, you'll understand how surprised I was. She came out with a guy, from our room, the room I sleep in at nights, or have trouble sleeping in (insomnia). Obviously now I will have trouble sleeping in it. With her. Imagine the shock! Both of those numskulls have some decent religious background. What the hell?!!

And the thing was, after she came back from sending him off downstairs, she came to us saying, "Ei, senyap-senyap je lah ye...". I looked away quickly not knowing how to respond to such foolish statement but of course I didn't say yes. Sure, let's pretend Allah didn't see that. Let's pretend I'm not gonna be apart of this circle of sinning. Pish Posh!! I'm gonna take action that's what I'm gonna do! Dare you make such a stoopid, reckless, perverted decision! Sure I rock, I headbang to metalcore, I skip a few classes, but what makes her think I'm OKAY with this sort of attitude. Haktuih! She of all people should know.

I came home early today for a reason and I doubt it ends at witnessing only.

Astaghfurullahalazim...Ya Allah, protect me from what is to come.

No I'm not gonna stab anybody in the back tonight, no worries.

Moral of the story: A good decent background proves nothing, higher chances of surviving maybe, but it's all up to an individual's iman after all.

Later be the days...

Monday, 13 April 2009

Feast Your Eyes

Just follow the link to check out our Starlight cover

Click this other link to see what music video fakey I got myself into now.

Later days

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Too High on Adrenaline

And so it ends...The Dental Glam Night.

How was it?
- The best location EVER! Massive and the stage was great! Acoustics, nice.
- The whole event, not bad but could have been better.
- The emcees were, how do you say it? Bad? No fingers pointing, they just lack experience.
- Only a few Chinese went along with the party theme [movie]. Most if not all of them girls were dressed like they were going clubbing and Malay seniors dressed up like they're on their wedding day.
- 4th years rock, as always, gigam!

- After performing, got too much adrenaline in the blood, became too loud, out of control, embarrassing.
- Food. To me, great. The rendang was nice, sweet & spicy; the fish was awesome; the chicken, I can't remember, they all taste the same; desserts, cute, but I didn't get to eat much, full after the main meal.
- Like the dinner in my 2nd year, my foot cramped again. What friggin curse was at play?
- Did not get the chance to take a photo with my one-night-crush guy.

- But got a photo with one of the Vaders. Blurry though, too much force from both sides.
- Another Neo won the best dressed, he was the The Matrix version. I'm the Reloaded version. Of course I couldn't have won, a girl wearing a male's costume. Not in their lifetime.

The performance?

Not bad for my first time, a few slip-ups in the beginning and I think my tempo ran wild near the end. My keyboardist thought she was awful and wasn't satisfied at all. I'll upload the video on youtube once I get the chance.

I regret not recording Jason & Ib's performance, very creative but I was hungry.

And now, back to studies!

Later be thy days...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


It's coming! It's coming! It's coming!

2 days away from my first ever performance and I am shaking all over. Excited and nervous at the same time. Sure I'll be doing what I normally and casually do instead of studying, not to say I'm very good at guitar playing, but I hope it turns out well. I just want it to turn out fun and enjoyable.

I can hardly study this week. I've been wire-bending [of the dental kind, not guitar playing] since Monday and my hands are swelling up. Requirements are due in 2 weeks time. But I have to put it on hold. At least until after the show on Friday. I don't want to jeopardize my chances in performing. Need my hands to be stable, although my nerves are hardly breathing.

Holy crap! The more I talk or write about it, the worse it gets. I guess self-hypnosis works! I better stop then.

I shall be the star! Okay that's a little too much.

Wish me luck Brook! And whomever reading.

Anyway, I'll be on guitar, Lavi on keyboard, & Zul as the vocalist. We'll be doing an acoustic cover of 'Starlight' by MUSE. A tribute to the masters.

Later days...