Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Aftermath

My family & I recently went to Bukit Antarabangsa to visit my uncle's family who lives near there. Fortunately his residence is in the safe zone.

The road that is now covered with all the red earth used to be the only way in to reach his place. So the army layed down a well constructed detour around the neighbourhood.

Amazingly there's also an area where people could stop by to check out the view. It's now a family holiday spot!


Monday, 29 December 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The awful Monday as a holiday turned out to be quite okay.

Me & my family went to the hot springs in Perak. Oooohh! It was in a Felda Residence. The place is called Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Klah at Sungkai. Entrance is RM10 per head. There's a discount for the old folks, RM7 only. I don't know if there's student price or not.

The first time I went there was a few years back, I can't really remember but back then it was still in the process of construction and word of the place wasn't out yet. It has both hot spring (hot) & mountain water (cold) pools and a few other attractions.

Near the entrance, if you choose to park outside & walk in, there's this boardwalk pathway where you can enjoy steam from the
natural springs below. It's really a way. But we missed it this time because my dad wanted to park inside.

Hot Spring Swimming Pool

See that sad face below? It's saying 2 things:

1. Eeeww gross [I know it sounds bitchy but I'm not a fan of public pools because it's the same as re-using one's bath water]

2. I thought we were going to the private family bath thus I did nay bring an appropriate attire.

Anyway it wasn't even hot! According to another tourist my dad talked to, it might be because of the cool weather. Plus, we were the early birds, so the pool was just 'turned on'. ???

This is a boy. So I call him BoyBoy.

BoyBoy is standing in front of a hot water source. You wouldn't be able to see it in the pic but it was clear where the point of source was. You could see water being dispersed.

My cousin BoyBoy is. Shy he is nay.

Therapeutic Pool

I can't remember what temperature this tiny pool was at but you could see how we're not too keen on the idea of merely submersing our foot in it.

The thing was, I know the temperature won't damage me physically but the pain was still a boulder and thus it became a mental challenge.

I gave up a few times but was finally able to dip both my feet in up to the ankle. Both my bros actually managed to stand inside the pool...knee deep. We stayed around 20-30mins[max time allowed due to health reasons].

After we retreated, any body part that was in contact with the body of water turned as red as the devil's dick [hahaha! always wanted to use that line from 'Pineapple Express'], of course I'm exaggerating but it did turn pink the whole day.

There's also a Water Reflexology Course which I did nay take a photo of. It's a path with stubby stones embedded in it and hot water flowing on it's surface.

Egg Boiling Activity

This is where we boil eggs. I know, it sounds so random. We could even ask for either half-boiled or well-done eggs. We brought our own raw eggs. They do sell eggs there but you don't know where they're from :P

Awesome, the place already stinks off sulphur. All we need is every tourist being a potential stink bomb.

Family Bath

Yay! This is one of the best places of which I was hoping to go back to after all these years. It's private with each room closed off from the public. The open aired room includes a cold shower, toilet, and benches inside. Beautifully decorated with living plants. This is just the standard rated ones [RM75 per hour]. There are some other rooms of much higher class where towels are provided and massages available.

Loved it! I was the last to leave as you can see me trailing ever so far behind.

I was a little dizzy after that, which isn't a good sign. Darn!

Anyway, we proceeded to the next facility.

Mountain Water Swimming Pool

The Red-Eyed Octopus who loves spraying around

Falling body of water

This is one large pool. If you're a pool freak, unlike me, you'll definitely love this place. The water is cool & calm unless you have someone pissing in the pool nearby or someone decided to drop the bomb [of both kinds, they're both lethal in a public area].

My mom was constantly trying to talk me into going for a dip. I was a little tempted but I had no extra pants. As I said before, I wasn't expecting public pools.

Then we lepak-lepak, I spent quite a lot on theme park junk food to please the rumblings of me tummy.

Then we surveyed the villas & resorts available. Who knows, next family day?

*If you look closely you can see that my feet are pink, though the colour is toned down in this pic


Just a tip though, the cafeteria SUCKS! The food is okay but the service lacks a lot.

Peace out & do nay forget to rock!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Twas The Holi A Fortnight's Passed

What the heck indeed. Just ta
ke this as a continuation of the 'Zombie Week' post & be warned that it's quite long. Let us begin! We got onto the road on Friday morning, the day I wrote 'Zombie Week'. Our destination? Cherating. We registered into Suria Resort and headed for the beach.

Suria Resort
Registration was slow, and they gave us the wrong room number & also the wrong key. We finally settled in one but the doors in that room had an issue in...closing.

than that it was good enough for a good night's sleep. There were 4 of us so we only got a 2 singles room.

Aaaaahhh, the beach.

Unfortunately, I never learn from past experiences, my attire was unfitting.

Thus, I served as a towel rack for my bro.

This 16 year old kid, who is effortlessly posing as a fragile gay being.

Yes, mighty stick, let us wait for the tide to come in and wash away our sorrows.

Me, in b
eing a lazy ass & you in being stuck in the sand.

That night I slept early while my parents watched an award show, no idea what it was. I brought my laptop and
broadband modem so you can guess what my bro did for the night. I woke up at 4am and found that my cousin Dooha was online, so we chatted away until subuh.

At around breakfast.
The coffe
e was suspiciously good.
The day was gra
cefully raining.
The waves were booming from afar.

My mom got news o
f the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa from his brother who lives there. Fortunately, his family lives in the safe zone. What a coincidence! It happened around the time I woke up, 4am.

At noon we took off to Kuala Terengganu where
2 of my aunts live. It was raining all the way and there were a lot of cars. So everything was dull & slow moving. What was supposed to be a 2 hour journey lasted around 6 hours instead. We passed by some flooded areas and saw boats being prepared in front of houses.

I love rain but not when I'm in the car on the road.
To be honest, I always get nervous when I'm in a moving car, no matter who's driving, except myself. Hahaha!

We spent a night at one of my aunt's house and
after breakfast on the following morning, we continued our journey to Kota Bharu, making a stop at Pulau Duyong to catch a glimpse of the Monsoon Cup.

The little one is my cousin, Hanif. He was tagging along since our car was quite spacious from the lack of people.

We went on a free motorboat ride for a closer look at the action.

This was from Pulau Duyong, 2 hours away from the finals that we had to miss in order to reach our destination in daylight.

I'm not much of a fan of this sport but my dad is, so as long as he's happy, I'm good.

Anyway, the wind was very pleasing.

And so we kept going...

We made a stop at a 'Restoran C.I.R. - Pusat makanan ringan & keropok losong' by the side of the road before reaching Besut.

It was lucky we did because they served the best keropok lekor I have ever tasted! Crispy on the outside & super soft on the inside.

Apparently they were freshly kneaded & subsequently fried. Fresh keropok lekor, something everyone should try out.

It wasn't much of a restaurant but it was a great idea. They serve drinks to go with the keropoks & if you liked them, you can buy the not so fresh version of the keropok at the shack next to it. They had a vision.

Anyhows, we finally reached Kota Bharu. Yay!
The first night was at my dad's kampung, Salor. Raya Korban is best celebrated here instead of my mom's kampung, I'm not sure why but truth be told.

My dad releasing the sacrificed cow from the fastened rope.

I was absent from the 'massacre' because I failed to escape the warmth of the blanket that wrapped my body from the chilliness of the morning.


For the next few days we stayed at Taman Guru, my mom's kampung, awaiting the big day. Kenduri [may I call it that?] for little Firdaus & Kaira, the latest additions to the family.

Until then we [me, bro and cousins] had 3 days
& 4 nights to waste, especially the nights which of course extended into the early hours of the morning. Simply said, we turned nocturnal.

Activities included:

- surfing the net [I was the provider, courtesy of my Celcom broadband]

- pl
aying Big Fish's MCF games [provided by me as well]

- jamming [my guitar]

- trading songs [mostly from me]

- watched all the 'Hanazakari no Kimitachi e' episodes [provided by Jaja]

- gossiping & catching up

The only thing I regret was not being able to film a music video for this year. The 1st was made 2 years ago, it was an emo version of Avril's Girlfriend. The 2nd was filmed last year, it was of MCR's Teenagers but unfortunately the digicam broke and I couldn't upload the film to to a pc to edit. This year? I had nothing planned out. Other than that, we didn't pose much either. Well, at least I didn't.

Here's a few...

Edd: Sheesh, I'm so bored.

Doo: Quiet, we're reading.

Alin: I'm pretending to read.

Edd: Let's rock this joint! Shoot some music vids dudes!

Doo: Hmmm...I'm down with that! Let's gather the crew!

Alin: Ooooh...I wanna be the cutest one in it.

Edd: Lets make an ultimate gore one! Really metal! Rrooaaarrr!

Doo: Oh no! Don't pull us into your darkness!

Alin: Nooo!

Edd: Okay I'm kidding. Lets do comedy!

Doo: scared me.

Alin: Taubat..taubat. Hey this book is kinda interesting.
[reading Ayat-Ayat Cinta - she actually finished it in 1 day]

Edd: And then we can post it on Youtube!

Doo: and get horrible comments? Nay! Nnt kne pkai tdung.

Alin: oh my God, how I have sinned!

Doo: My turn in front! Charismatic pose...

Edd: Oi! Brani ko mncampak ku ke tepi!

Alin: Tidak, aku tidak mahu men 'posing' dah. Aku taubat...

Edd: Oooo charismatic yea...beat this Doo. Woof!

Doo: Aaaahh...stop it Edd, evrybody knows I won

Alin: Oh yeah? check this!

Doo: Yelah tuu alin...kte dah tobat.

Alin: Edd's darkness pulled me back out of the light.

Edd: How about this pose? I win, yes?

That was our activity while the others were preping the meat...

the men are preping outside

After the kenduri we all dispersed. As in we all went home, leaving Doo's family who had to stay behind for a week more.

So that's basically it. Great fun, alot of wasting time, but most importantly, great fun! Hahahaha!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A MegaHoli

I loved the fact that my previous 2 week holiday was first part lousy and second part superb. The lousy part was of course the Zombie week which I already posted about on my last posted post. The second part was a true holiday that I have yet to write about. I was already excited to tell everyone about it since the first 2 days I was on it. But the net connection said nay and so I had to save the enthusiasm for another day [wow that rhymed]. Such as today, unfortunately I have to gather all the pics first and I'm just writing to say that class has started and I feel horrible so I decided to be naughty. But all ends tonight and I'll start fresh tomorrow morning.

Damn it I'm so friggin bored right now! I wish I had a vidcam so I can shoot stupid things around me and post them on Youtube so that stupid annoying people would give me stupid annoying comments that would make me want to kill them so much, over and over again. I am so friggin bored!

I miss my kampong and all my cousins!!! and my petit nephew which I lended my armband to!!

Until some other day...

Friday, 5 December 2008

Zombie Week!

That pretty much sums up my holiday week so far. I had a lot of plans prior this magnificent period of chance but typically, they all end up in the pending list which by the looks of it, won't be accomplished. The 'before' list:

1. Practice metal vocals & growls

2. Muscle toning

3. Read up on Gen Meds & OS

4. Wire bending

5. Work on shirt design ideas

6. Develop new song idea

7. Outting with cousins at Sunway Lagoon!!

8. Outting with Geng Bangi

And which have I done? I did some growls but didn't get me anywhere, learnt too little, and found it a waste of time although fun. Read a little
on GenMeds but the sight of male genitals just made me nauseated and so I placed the book down instantly. Showed my big bro what made me stop reading and he laughed saying, "Well deal with it, coz' that's the center of the universe". Which universe was he talking about? Coz it was one fugly center. Then he continued, "That's an ugly one, look for hunky male model's". No thank you! I can't imagine how men can find female genitalia a 'turn on' sight since they too are fugly overhanging tissues. [I just gagged] Okay enough about the distasteful part of human anatomy.

Jake & Amir's sketch page from CollegeHumor [the pic is a direct link to the website]

What else have I done other than watched tons of CollegeHumor on Youtube?

1. Downloaded 2 albums from the band Cynic [haven't listened to em' yet]

2. Played and finished 'MCF:Return To Ravenhear
st' in 1 day [an awesome game from BigFish]

3. Tried to play BigFish's 'Art of Murder:FBI Confidential' but it was irritatingly illogical

4. Now playing 'MCF:Madame Fate'

5. Hung out with bangi friend [Ijat], taught some basic guitar chords

6. Fooled around with big bro's hair iron [I look so emo right now..hahaha!!]

7. Successfully impersonated a couch zombie

So I have around 10 more days until this opportunistic fortnight ends and the clinical hullabaloo returns. Unfortunately, the hope for me to c
omplete my 'To Friggin Do' list is nowhere to be found since I'll be travelling with my familly tomorrow and until my holiday ends. We're taking the long road to Kelantan [where my kamphongg lies], making frequent stops and visits along the way until RAYA appears. Yay! Less than 12 hours until we take off but bags are still packless. It'll be just me and my little yet tall bro and my parents. What?! No Firdaus?!! I miss that baldy baby. And I miss my tiny cuz Kaira!! Oh yeah, I babysat her for 2 whole days in the beginning of my holi.

souvenirs from Sabah, Peru, & Sarawak from those who got to travel. ThanQs

I don't know what to leave you with so I'll just be off now. Later days.