Thursday, 17 July 2008

My New No.1 Villain !! ~sorry Darth Maul

Prince Nuada
After watching Hellboy 2: The Golden Army yesterday, I just can't stop thinking about the villain in it. He's an ultimate fighter, ambitious, vicious, smooth and of course, Brit accented. He is Prince Nuada, son of the Elf King. He fights for his right as an elf to live freely in his world, the forests, even if it means killing off mankind [mostly city folks] who cares not for the natural beauty they deliberately destroy to gain more power over the lands. He cares not for fame and fortune. His title as a prince is way beyond deserving than the princes in the human world.

I too think his father, the king, is too weak. Surrendering to the dictating human mind and fooling himself that doing nothing is the only choice for survival [but if you find yourself in a real-life hostage situation, please ignore the criticism for it is true, just not so in the movies]. If they want to remain on this earth they should reveal themselves as they are no more than fairytales in the human world.

Other than that mega fighting spirit, he has skills man! This, I have to applaud actor Luke Goss for putting in so much effort into the fight scenes. Actually they are the only parts worth watching the movie for.

I don't know about the comic versions and all but I think some scenes are just truly unnecessary. Plus, Liz! What the heck is your function in the movie other than being the bitchy girlfriend and pregnant to Red's twins?! She keeps holding a gun around in a fierce yet blank stance but fails to do anything until the end. That goes the same to you too Abe. If my Axel Rozz character was in this movie, she'd definitely, no doubt would be fighting on Prince Nuada's side, other than falling in love with him. I had to make that a statement.

So he looks like a corpse with a post-mortem job done on his face but hey, look at Darth Maul. It suits him anyway. Lovely beasts.

All and all, for this movie I rate it 7/10 stars. Mainly for the fighting scenes of Prince Nuada, stunts, special effects and costumes. The puppets look fine and if they didn't try to make them look like they're talking I might've given 7.5/10. Some scenes give negative points and you can thank Liz for that. Selma Blair is not to blame though, I like her style.

Later days.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Making The Most

Haha Brook, 3 days in a row I've managed to be unbelievably responsible...seriously getting caught up at every minute of every hour. All is taking place smoothly as if it was meant to happen, as if I'm on my definite track to glory. I think the birth of my new nephew, Nazrin Firdaus has something to do with this.

I'm finally an aunt and with my mom busy caring for her 1st grandchild and his mom, I feel that it is my duty to keep everything else at the lowest cluttered state as possible. I wish this thing in me would last, I really don't mind doing all the chores and all the driving anymore. 1 thing's for sure, it's keeping me fit and that's the best side effect one could ever wish for.

This is without a doubt the best 2 month holiday EVER. I've done a lot although remaining at the same site, my parent's house. I guess all in all, taking part in contributing to others does make you feel like a whole better person. I can be really selfish in conversations but labour work is something I'd prefer over 5 years of you know what, but in my case, 6 years.

I wanted to post a cool personality test I found a few weeks ago but I can't seem to find it anymore. I was half asleep when I found it anyway. I googled it then but I can't remember what I typed anymore. For 2 days I tried retracing my steps but all effort turns futile. Damn! Oh well, at least I remember mine.
It lists a few choices of superhero powers and asks you to pick 1 and only 1 power. I picked invisibility. Later below it gives a description of what type of person you are and what type of career path suitable for each certain characteristic. Mine was dead on, a writer or a private investigator. I'd like to add assassin to that list since they are similar to a P.I. prior the execution.

Later days.

Monday, 7 July 2008

6 days to go...

Dear Brook,

What a mistake to be doing this countdown until D-day. But nevermind, if it's the only thing that'll get me writing again t
hen so be it. Since I already wrote an entry last night and I woke astonishingly early this morning -in shock of the tremendous amount and degree of responsibilities laying ahead of me, be it in family and studies-, this one is gonna sweat me out.

I know!

I'v been somewhat a part of a project with my younger brother. I'm supervising his 'Gays Cooking Club'. The name is silly, I know, but he and his friends are 16 years below so who cares. Other than that I'm also the camera d
ude, recording the moments of history where 3 boys test their hands at cooking. We started about 2 weeks ago when my brother, J.E. came up with the idea while watching pastry chef Anna Olsen on 'Sugar', AFC. I, being the fabulously supportive big sister, of course agreed on the spot. So far, they've made an apple pie, pretzels, and lasagna. Today will be cookie day. According to JE, they'll be making peanut butter, chocolate, and butter. 3 boys, 3 recipes, 3 main events, busy busy busy.

Apple Pie [Success!] - we used Anna Olsen's recipe from AFC's official website.

Comments: It was a little too sweet because we couldn't make out how much was 1 cup. We might have overdosed on the orange zest too.

Pretzels [Easy!] - I have no idea where we got it from so I'm just gonna give it to you below. Even the pic isn't my original because the camera was charging at that time.

Makes 6 large or 12 small pretzels.
* 3 1/2 C (1/2 kg) of flour
* 4 Tbsp. brown sugar
* 2 tsp. (12 g) salt (sea salt preferably)
* 1 Tbsp. (12 g) yeast, dissolved in 1 C (237 g) water that's fairly warm but not hot (120°F, 49°C)

The following ingredients are for coating the pretzels before baking (step 7-8):
* 1 Tbsp. (14 g) baking soda dissolved in 1 C (237 g) boiling water
* 1 egg beaten with 1 teaspoon water in a small bowl
* (Optional) Vegetable

1. Mix brown sugar, salt, and the yeast and water mixture in a food processor or a large mixing bowl. Add flour and mix until the dough is smooth. If the dough is sticky, add a little more flour. If possible, let the dough sit overnight in a plastic container in the fridge. NOTE: the dough will rise overnight by as much as a third, so be sure to use a large enough container!
2. Divide the dough into 4, 6 or 12 pieces. Roll each piece into a rope. If you're working with 12 pieces, make the ropes very thin, a little bigger than a pencil. If you're making 4, you can roll them to about cigar thickness and 36 inches (almost a meter) long.
3. Shape a single rope into an upside down "U" on your table. Bring the ends together and twist them as shown.
4. Bring them to the top of the pretzel. Flatten the ends with your fingers and press in the dough to secure, making it look like a pretzel. Place on a greased cookie sheet.
5. Repeat the previous two steps with the remaining pieces of dough and place them on the cookie sheet, too.
6. Allow the pretzels to raise for 30 minutes -- until they've about doubled in size.
7. Brush with the water-soda solution. Or, for a chewier crust, mix 2 Tbsp. (24 g) baking soda with 4 C (1 kg) boiling water and drop the pretzel in there for about the count of 10 and then lift out with a strainer or pancake turner.
8. Brush the pretzels with the egg and water mixture. This gives the pretzel a nice, shiny glaze. Then sprinkle with toppings like:
• coarse salt (see Tips below)
• garlic and Parmesan cheese
• Cinnamon and sugar
• sesame seeds
9. Bake in a pre-heated oven 400° to 450° F (225° C) for 10 to 15 minutes or until browned. Carefully remove from the oven and place on a sheet of aluminum foil to cool.

Comments: To me, it was deliciously simple. But the boys weren't satisfied with the taste and the challenge it failed to provide. Poyo je. But then again, I never tasted an actual pretzel.

Lasagna [Improvised!] - we used a recipe from Allrecipes titled Easy Lasagna I.

Comments: They improvised a lot on this one since a lot of the ingredients weren't available near our local supermarkets. Some cheeses had to be replaced and surprisingly, lasagna noodles weren't to be found. So instead, they lined spaghetti noodles on top of the meat sauce. This was a very funny episode.

From what I've seen, either the boys can't understand the kitchen language or they're constantly looking for short cuts. I'm excited for today!

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Jitters of the remaining week...

Woaw it's been a while...a long 3 weeks while. I haven't been as busy but instead I've been watching a lot of Discovery and NatGeo's programs. Not so much going on online anymore. Finished all the movies and music downloads so the laptop stays lifeless throughout most of the days, only peeking in every now and then to chat with the abroad.

I'm running thin on thoughts so I haven't been writing as much as before. Inspiration is hard to come by with a hustling atmosphere in the background. Plus I'm pushing myself to go all physical, get fit, eat fit [this one is hard]. Training myself to go the extra mile and beat the boundries, hopefully it'll be a breeze once I have to go into training under ATMa. Damn, that was a mistake. But how was I to know that my priorities and principles were gonna be tossed around reforming and discovering. Oh well, once it's all up and done I can be proud to tick it off my list of experiences. Including this dentistry business.

After graduating [with Allah's will] I'm planning to take a dive into either forensics or zoology to redeem my past goals. So I'll either be working on a corpse or a tiger. If I go into forensics, I might further into psychology later on, become an expert on murderers such as in 'Most Evil'. But that's a long shot away. There are always the alternatives that I won't mention here because most might not agree on me taking the path.

Last month I wanted to write on the subject of personalities and how I am one who takes it very seriously. I like to see the groups of personalities one might have, analyze their actions and what influenced it. It's easier to see it in the kids I'm taking care of at the daycare. At that young of age, you can see clearly how they reflect their parents, their prime role models. Others include Ultramen, Power Rangers and the many manga/anime characters. Innocent? According to my experience, not really.

My sister just gave birth to a baby boy today at around 2am. His name? Uncertain, for his parents just realized the name they were planning on was identical to one of our cousins. So, let us wait and see. According to my mom, his birth is the best birthday gift ever. I agree.

Until I have time to virtually blabber off again, later days.