Monday, 30 March 2009

CooL XP appS

Since I've been busy messing around with sh@dowfaX for the past few days, I discovered some cool freeware stuff which I shall share below.

Like the name itself, it let's you group up icons, separating them into whatever categories you wish to between fences. Once you're done, double-click on the background and they disappear. To reappear, just double-click again.

If you've heard of Stardock's Objectdock before, it's simply the same thing. It's a dock for your shortcuts or an application launcher. The best thing about this is that it's smoother, the icons are more slick, and everything is totally free, including the addons provided. No discrimination to who pays or not!

It allows me to do this...

It simply allows you to make your windows look transparent, like Vista.

CC Cleaner
Helps you to free some disk space by deleting useless files such as those in the Temp folders.

There's few more but I have to get going, tons to do.
p/s: all these nifty gadgets doesn't slow my cpu, if it does to yours just get rid of them. Glass2k is a small file.

Later days...

Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Fortnight of Agony


First it was Vypress.

After finally getting out to hunt for a new guitar, Vader, I got back to my apartment and found that meg@3on [my laptop] was whacked up. I couldn't enter Windows at all. So much for my advice to Enda [my aunt], "look for positive comments before downloading a torrent file". All this time I've been lucky in optimizing my absolute freedom until that virus finally pinned me down. I had to reformat the whole thing. After 2 years, meg@3on had never gone through one and so, sad I was to put him into a stranger's hand for 4 days. I know I could have done it myself but I don't know how to and I might just postpone the whole thing since I am a student. And aren't we all procrastinators? [Ib: "Yes, we are!"]

my Vader

After getting the newly revived meg@3on, I spent a whole day personalizing him back to the way he was. Re-installing,
re-customizing and all but he's just not the same as before.

meg@3on...what was

One issue is that he's got this black bar on the right side of his screen which I can't get rid of [a battle scar?]. The screen resolution for 1024x768 is no longer available [no idea why]. Then some features on his keyboard is no longer working. Nothing is the same after you bring it back from the dead. So much so, I'm now gonna call him Glamdring [if you're a LOTR fan you'll know what that is] or something else. Shadowfax [LOTR again] sounds nice too. Okay then, sh@dowfaX it is!

Well, it does look better when I think about it. It looks more clean, organized and mature. If you look up Shadowfax, you'll see how it fits. I added some cool applications, Stardock stuff [Objectdock Plus and Fences]. I had Objectdock before in meg@3on but the free version. Trying to illegally obtain a free Objectdock Plus was what led to his death. Woops. I found a clean pirated version of it now but it's not as good. Some things just sound or look too good to be true. I even took the background pic myself, Cherating beach.

The very next day, guess what else decided to give me a breakdown. meg@pOd [my iPod] !! Can you believe it?! Just after the 1 year warranty ended. DaMnatioN!!

It's actually quite common for an iPod to go haywire after 2 days or even a few hours. Sounds scary, I know and I am one of the lucky one's where my iPod lasted a whole year without getting corrupted.

Well, 2 nights away from a mini test, I just couldn't get my head together to study that night. I was really devastated! I was frustrated when I found out Vypress was no longer fixable, depressed when meg@3on had an MI, but meg@pOd breaking down was worser than the two combined. I love that piece of crap! Not to mention all my 80G of precious music [nearly 4000 songs] and movies [well over 30G] wiped clean just as fast as saying the F word.

All I could do that night was search the net for answers in fixing meg@pOd. None of them worked. I even tried knocking and dropping it [seriously, it worked for some]. There's one more thing to try out, hopefully it'll work. My last resort would be to send it for repair.

Well, mini test is over and I found a song to play for my performance on 10th April. It turns out that I'm not buying my friend's red Ibanez. I'm quite happy with Vader for now. Things are looking up. Aaaaaaahh, the cool breeze of the night air. I'm going to bed early tonight.

Later days...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

HeartBroken & MindBoggled

So sad, it's giving me backaches all over again.

Vypress is no longer fixable. Seems that cracked acoustic guitars are just tossed away. Damn guitar salesperson! Don't you say that to my dear Vypress! I'm not gonna toss her away. I mean she can still function as a guitar pretty well, I just hate the fact that she's torn up inside and behind.

It would be too irrational to store her away after I get a new one so I might probably lend it to my cousin until she can afford her own. I don't think selling her off would be a good idea since she was my first and nobody would buy a banged up guitar anyways.

So what now? Do I buy my friend's RM4XX, red, Ibanex Gax-70 or some other electric-acoustic for a cheaper price. This time, I am thinking through the financial aspect. What if I bought both? Throw in an amp, it would still cost me less than my 80G iPod Classic.

Am I serious about guitar playing? Well, now that I know I have the potential, I would love to get serious. Oh for goodness sakes, I easily bought the iPod without going over it like this, why am I all tangled up from deciding what to do? Where is all that guilt coming from?

IF I am ever going to get a new acoustic guitar, I'm surely not going for the fancy shmancy carbon fibre round-back ones. They do look young & hip, but I'd rather buy one with a hardwood back. They age gracefully and be of more value as it gets older [as long as I play it of course]. No, wait. That sounds poyo. I take that back. Whatever! As long as I can play
comfortably well.

Later days...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

N is for...

Just another game I picked up from a friend. Nobody tagged me but it looked interesting and thought I'd have a go.

The Rules:
It’s harder than it looks. Copy to your own note, erase my answer, enter yours and TAG 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to each answer of the following questions. They have to be real, nothing made up!

If the person before you had the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot copy any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.
Have fun! >>> nay my words, copy pasted


1. What is your name: Nur Hidayah

2. A four letter word: None

3. A boy’s name? Nash

4. A girl’s name? Nawal

5. An occupation: Night-shift Campus Police

6. A color: Nauseous Green

7. Something you wear: New pair of shoes

8. A food: Nasi Goreng Ayam

9. Something found in the bathroom: Not a pleasant smell

10. A place: Nowhere but here

11. A reason for being late: No reason, I just wanted to

12. Something you shout: Nay!

13. A movie title: Nightwatch

14. Something you drink: Nescafe

15. A musical group: Nightwish

16. A street name: Newton Street [trust me, it exists]

17. A type of car: Nissan

18. A song title: New Born by MUSE

19. A verb: Nap [need one right now]


That was challenging & sometimes frustrating. Took me some time.

I'm not gonna tag anyone, do it if you want to.

...Later days...

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Aching Need

Damn you, Vypress!

See the crack? This was last year, now it's worse.

Why has it worsened? Because I did nay get it fixed & the new strings I bought are freakishly tensed & hard. I can't even play a full song without stopping a moment to mourn over the devastating truth that Vypress is a wreck. Plus, to rest the finger pads. Pins & needles man!

Anyway, I am in desperate need of a fix. Not like as in getting high [although you know I'd love to], but like an actual repair and maybe change those paining strings. Either that or I buy a new acoustic guitar. Hmmm...too irrational?

A friend of mine is offering his red Ibanez GAX-70 for around RM500 - RM400.

I asked for RM400 of course and he said, "as long as I know my 'bini' will be in good hands". Yeah well, he doesn't know what happened to Vypress. I never actually thought of getting myself an electric guitar since I'm not that good yet, but this deal is too good to pass up!

So, I kinda have to decide on 2 ultimate questions here:

1. Fix Vypress or buy a new acoustic guitar?

2. Buy the RM400 red Ibanez GAX-70 or wait for some other fool to give me a free one?

Whatever happens, I still need an acoustic guitar, new or not. It's not about the money, I just don't know if I can love a new guitar as much as I loved [past tense] Vypress. Plus, I don't know if the amount of dedication & skills I have now for striking those strings would increase as much as I hope it would by getting a new guitar.

Okay, you know what, I'll just get Vypress
fixed. Hopefully before 10th April, I'm gonna be needing her on that day. Decision to buy the Ibanez or nay will be made around this coming Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Later days...