Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mr.Muslim and Mr.Tanvee

He came alone on a Sunday afternoon when the store was empty. He was tall and well [very well] built in the torso, very fair and looks Chinese. I thought he was Chinese until I heard his name [At Dom's we are required to acquire the customer's phone number and name for record]. He looked especially...gentle in his soft lavender tee and cream khaki shorts [below knee]. His voice was manly yet ever so charming and he smiles in gratitude. I had only one thing to say after you left the store Mr.Muslim, "You are a hunk!"

He came in today around 2pm. It was lunch hour but on a Monday so the store was pretty much empty with only a few other individuals scattered around the tables, waiting for their orders quietly. He looked Indian, I thought he was Malaysian Indian, so I said, "Selamat datang encik, sebelah sini encik," thumbing to the ordering counter. When he spoke, it was obvious he wasn't Malaysian. So I used my accented English just because I could. He had a British accent and so I met it with mine. Then he left for the 15 minutes guarantee period. Later, when he came for the pizza he said,"If you don't mind me saying, your English is very good, you sound very different, are you not from around here?" and so I told him how I've been over 'there' when I was a 'child' [I can't believe I used that word...why so formal haa? puyu]. He said that he was new in Bangi and he has met all kinds of people but, "you stand out the most...and your name, it's very...unique." I smiled wildly at the first compliment but pulled a very puzzled face for the latter, "Really? It's a very common Malaysian name." He seemed surprised and said he's never met anyone called Hidayah yet. I didn't know why I was rushing to end the conversation, I didn't even ask where he was from and why he moved here. But in the end when I said the common, "Thank you, come again." He replied, "Oh, I will. Thank you." That was nice. It made me happy for the rest of the day. I hope to see and talk to you again Mr.Tanvee.

Reporting live from Domino's BBB...later days.

Monday, 11 April 2011

At Dom's: A Month Later

I survived! While 2 other boys have trained and left, I am still here. I think it's mainly because I've been stationed at the front as the cashier. I am learning to make pizzas and have made a few orders but often sent out of the kitchen and towards the front to handle the customers during rush hours such as lunch/dinner time and throughout the weekends. I don't really mind because in a way, they still need me. There are issues of staff shortage at times which is quite frustrating.

I have befriended the Dom's staff and although their lives are staggeringly different from mine we can still relate. The managers here are strict but friendly and I value that a lot.

At Domino's I am not Edd Falco, I am Hidayah or Dayah. I am not a metalhead/rock chick but a girl. How did this happen? I have no idea, it just did and I like it for a change. It kinda reflects how I am really perceived in the open world and not just my bubble of thoughts. They treat me like a lady! Don't get me wrong, I still work hard, throw out the trash and clean everything from the rubbish bin to the hanging lamps. But the boys buy me food and drinks, make sure I get to eat, ask how I'm doing, and make me laugh when I look tired.

There'll be a new girl coming in for training today. YAY! The only other girl staff has been absent a few times now. This new girl I have a feeling will stay long, she's a tomboy like the current one but not as loud. Hopefully she'll do fine because we are critically short on pizza makers and I don't think they're too keen on training me as one for I would leave in a few months.

Update! I blew off both left tires of mom's Iswara last night coming home from work.

Still tired but still happy, later days...off to work.