Thursday, 29 September 2011


The time has come for me to leave the pizza place. 7 months. More than half a year and I am left battered.

It is cruel what humanity demands of us.
It is cruel how the community demands their rights in needs.
It is too cruel when customers make a scene after waiting too long for their orders while we in the kitchen are going as fast as we can to fulfill their never ending lists of needs and wants supervised by the golden criteria. We too are hungry, we too are thirsty, and we work whether in pain or anger. They raise their voices in annoyance, we smile to soothe their patience, offer free pizza on their next order. All for a basic RM900.

The people I got to know, the type of people customers are and can be, I will try not to forget. But Allah knows how forgetful I am. They will always be strangers to me. I never belonged but it was an opportunity to learn and so learned I did. Hopefully I gained for the better.

I am leaving you now. Some others may follow. We are tired. Thank you for your patience.

Good bye Domino's Pizza Bangi.