Saturday, 14 June 2008

Go awaaayy!!

Yay, got my momentum back and more. I went out twice this week which is twice as more than the other previous weeks where I only find pleasure around the house.

But all and all, I'm just frustrated with my male cousin who's still here, staying over until his thesis is done. Why am I frustrated? Kne pakai tudung 24/7! It's been around a month now, including the time at Kelantan, that I have to keep my head all wrapped up! It's clustering. How much longer is he gonna stay?! Can't he see me deliberately showing my vile uneasiness of the situation?! Go home dude!

Anyway...the worms project! Damn it, seems the worms I picked up aren't really up for the task of recycling food scraps and other wastes. I already knew that I had to get 'Tiger worms' for this type of duty, that's why I did this small scale experiment in the first place. To see if I can actually compensate with regular garden worms. Guess not. Oh well. NEXT!

I took off the shout out box. I thought it was a lame excuse to keep popping back to check if anyone's left a note. I should remember the reason why I blogged in the first place.

Later days...

Monday, 9 June 2008

zombie mist

To start off, just imagine I cursed a whole 5 rowed-paragraph.

A week of holiday in the village was awesome and I had a super trippadacious [I rightfully claim that word as mine] load of fun with the cousins and the rest of the family members. The details of the family day won't be up for
grabs since I don't think anyone really cares unless they're a family member. In this case, either my bro Syam [in England], who I think has too big an ego to read my blog; or my cuz Nuha [in New Zealand], who has read at least 1 post. The rest of the family attended. Imagine having 13 married couples and 43 of us cousins in one house. It's a big house but apparently not big enough.

BBQing while grandpa tells his tale...inside. This is outside. Picture taken from rooftop.

The good thing was that we didn't have to do the performance I was all wrecked up about. I didn't finish the script, we didn't have time to translate the whole thing to malay [I think and write mostly in english...geng Amar], had no time for rehearsals, and time for any performance! Instead, my grandpa gave a very long speech about his past, it was like attending a history lecture...zzzzZZ. Don't get me wrong! It was neatly said and very flourished but my attention span is really short unless he directly talks to me, and it was a crowd there! The speech took some time and I even had to cancel the last game or competition, the one I was really looking forward to, 'Lip Sync'. I announced the winner, gave out prizes, chilled with the boys and went to sleep at 3am.

The reason I swore a whole imaginary paragraph on top was because that the holiday in Kelantan just made a mess of me after coming back to Bangi. I came back on Wednesday which means I was still in school holidays and the daycare was still out. To simplify, I had nothing to do and whatever I had aligned before this whole family day planning got to my head was all blown away. So a zombie, I became for 4 days. I even adapted the wise owl's sleeping schedule. Now there's a lesson, if you want to be wise, please don't listen to an owl. It's a bird and it hoots. Of course I hoot too sometimes but mice aren't my delicacy. I lost my momentum. Even in writing, I just get too lazy to go grab pen and paper when a new idea pops up. They'll come back.

Hoping to accelerate back to previous level!!

I'm too sleepy to continue. Of course when I say or write that I simply mean I'm bored now and I want to do something else like singing, watch a movie, youtubing or admire rock bands.

Later days...