Thursday, 13 August 2009

Out With It

Okay, I'll no longer deny and avoid the factual statement that I'm a dental student.
So here's the latest interesting thing.

Today my group had a short field trip to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Putrajaya. We went to the Dentistry sector of course, sat for an hour's talk on Oral Health Promotion, toured the offices, had free 'oily & caffeinated' lunch, and patiently waited for the bus. I didn't bring a camera since I'm not the posing type of person, but I did see something worth sharing and shot it with my lousy phone cam which turned out horrish. So here's an equivalent shot from the www:

read the smallprints

It was manufactured around 1997. What the hell were they thinking?! Desensetizing kids to the profession?! Did it work? So far, I still have never heard a little girl saying they want to grow up to be a dentist, it's always a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a doctor. Nowadays? A popstar.

What a was one of those days where somehow, time was spared in every corner but unfortunately by the end of the day you know you benefited nothing from it because you spent most [if not all] of that potential hours sat in front of your bro's computer listening to Russell Peters and playing Prototype. And now? Sit across your laptop for an hour typing about it when hardly anybody is gonna read it. Great learning EPs collected there.

Later days...