Tuesday, 7 October 2014

That long weekend when 47 - 1 = 46 and ended in silence

The first memory and the last

Thoughts on him:

My cousin Saif was the wild spirit that I've always envied. Especially after Aussie.

The other "family rebel" that pioneered his own way to live his own life, giving me the confidence that this "family rebel" can survive too. He ended up paving a solid pathway that everyone eventually warmed up to. The same hope I have for myself. But then again, I've always been more of a loser than a rebel.

He's one of those big brothers that can make you feel better just by being there, even though he's a year younger than me.

My first thought after the news of your passing sank in was, "Damn it, Saif." and half-hoped you peered in the room to say, "Oi, buat apa?"

Prayers to you, Saif. Thanks for the sand.