Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Chemistry


I wish I had other things to put into words other than my days as a pizza maker/cashier at BBB's Domino's Pizza but I spend half my days there where the other half is spent sleeping at home. I must admit, my patience is running thin. I'm getting bored of repeating the same sentences over and over again. See, I can't be in a field of a mundane and repetitive nature. I need projects that requires frequent brainstorming. Maybe I'm frustrated because I can't stop and stare and daydream for long to come up with ideas. I am constantly dealing with human beings. I reminisce the days of being alone and again, I envy inmates.

The other thing that frustrates me is that our community is still blind and being stupid about not being able to throw their own garbage into those specifically made containers strategically placed [or not] around most buildings. Of course I'm pointing out the one at Dom's. It's heartbreaking! It's right their on their way out, just chuck em' in! Please people, learn to be responsible for your own mess. Isn't it part of being a muslim? I thank those who do understand and I will try my best to not be a hypocrite on this matter [Oh crap..kat umah kne improve this behavior]. The least we could do is to pile them up neatly to make things easier for the table cleaners or busboys. Never think we deserve better than the people that cleans up after us. It's degrading. We are all equal.

Boys will be boys. Boys and their antics. Some boys are good, some bad, and some ugly. When the good leaves, you won't feel good anymore and you feel like leaving too. But the good never forgets a friend, and that makes you feel good again. Good boy.

Later days...