Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I Killed A Giant !!


Oh what have become of the olden days...me being a selfish, ignorant twerp and the world summoning all the chaos that it could possibly conjure out of it's very limited vault of human ability(s). Well nothing really, those are still the days we're living in. Sometimes it feels useless after countless of hours sticking my head into these 'save the world' movements because directly after snapping back into reality, it feels like waking up from a dream! An impossible one!

Speaking of dreams! I had an awfully disturbing nightmare yesterday. I didn't have any patients for a clinic session from 10-12am so I decided to go 'study' [promise, I tried!] at the Surau. Of course, I fell asleep. And then I dreamed. I'm assuming you readers know Ju-On's crawling-on-the-floor ghost. Well it was pinning me down because someone sitting across me was ordering it to. I was in the same position as I was sleeping in, so I was really freaking out. There was another person walking around the surau in the background and he/she was also part of this 'ritual'.

The person sitting across from me was asking me to do something which I can't remember, but I refused and so it sent me into a nightmare. I was sent to a jungle clearing in my mind, there was a big old tree in the middle and fire posts encircling the area. There were 2 others, a couple that were sent there also against their will. A giant attacked us, we were to die! We fended ourselves with stick-made-spears. The woman was killed, the giant threw her to the ground, near the roots of the tree and pierced her throat with one of our made-shift weapons. Later the man was knocked unconscious. Somehow after that, I managed to attain a sword and decapitate the giant. Bloody but heroically!

So I survived the nightmare and came back to the surau but still in the dream. I was alone. The beings were no longer there, I was no longer pinned down. It was raining heavily outside and it was already nighttime! I looked at my phone to see if my dad had called, 30 miscalled! He must've been worried. So I quickly got up, got my things and slowly opened the surau door. Peeked outside, in case those beings were guarding outside. The Ju-On ghost was sitting on a chair near the door, wearing a gorilla suit [???]. Apparently it was asleep, so I slowly crept out but the door creaked as I was closing it [out of habit]. So it woke up and started chasing me around. It never caught me because I woke up, I really woke up this time, it really was raining heavily outside. I wasn't alone though, thankfully some of my coursemates were there getting ready for Zohor prayers. 1pm??!! Sheesh!!

Right then, back to whatever I was doing that you don't need to know about.

Later days...

Friday, 6 November 2009

I Love Long Hair

1. I love how it gets into my mouth while I'm chewing my food, teasing me by acting all fibrous.

2. I love how it prevents me from reading a book by irritating my eyes.

3. I love how it makes me look hot by insulating all the heat from my head & neck.

4. I love how it generously consume an overwhelming amount of effort & time to dry.

5. I love how it surprises me every morning in the toilet.

6. I love how it dies and lays itself on the floor in a randomly chaotic pattern, creating a masterpiece!

7. But most of all, I love how it frames my face...when I'm not wearing tudung la...